"We have been told what success is from a very young age, our parents have told us what success means, our teachers, our friends.

Now it is time to find your own unique definition of success without the influence of others' opinions."

Elizabeth Houghton

Sutton Full Potential Founder

If I change careers, it will CRUSH my parents.

If I don't change careers, it will crush me.

Achieve your full potential!

Career coaching for high achievers to pursue non-traditional life and career paths without guilt

You come from a traditional background, which comes with so many gifts, but usually also means that your life path - what you studied, who you dated, what you do for a living - was clearly mapped out from birth. And if you deviated form that path, you were hit with So. Much. Guilt. 

So you got high grades. You went to good schools. You embarked on an impressive, steady career - one of those jobs that is always in high-demand (because of security).

But your life, as it stands, doesn't make you happy. You're wondering: 'Is this it? Is this all there is?' And something inside you says 'No. There's got to be more'.

Maybe you know what “more” looks like and you need support to pursue it (because there will be pushback).

Or maybe you don’t quite know what you want to do, what your passions are, what path will make you feel fulfilled - you just know that your current path isn’t working for you.

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Houghton, and I specialise in helping Millennial and GenZ high-achievers from traditional backgrounds make big career transitions into work they love (without guilt).

This isn’t about running away from being a corporate lawyer to live in a van and sell macrame on Etsy.

This is about:

  • Freeing yourself from your parents’ narrow definitions of success and pursuing your own passions with clarity and confidence
  • Finding a career that aligns with your passions and values
  • Living according to what makes you happy and fulfilled
  • Possibly trying a non-traditional, more creative life path
  • Breaking the barriers between what you love doing and what you do for a living

This is also about:

  • Recognising the ‘stories’ you were raised with and releasing the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck
  • Learning to speak your unfiltered truth (to yourself, to your partner, to your family, to the world), and stop ‘chameleoning’ through life
  • Finding validation and acceptance within yourself, rather than from external sources who only grant those things conditionally
  • Living up to your own expectations, not anyone else’s
  • Releasing guilt and embracing your truth


If you’re ready to step forward into a life *you* love,
No pressure, no obligation (you’ve got enough of that in your life already, am I right?)

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