4 Steps To Reach Your Goals Faster

Aug 10, 2020

Elizabeth Houghton

Sutton Full Potential Founder

Got a million things going round and round in your head? Are you finding it hard to concentrate on one thing long enough before your mind is off and racing in another direction? You are not alone. Follow these four steps to reach your goal faster, let’s move forward, lets start getting things done, and done quickly! No more ‘fluffing around’. We think we are moving forward but in actual fact, we are just going round and round in circles kidding ourselves that we’re getting closer to our goal. No more, let’s do these 4 steps and continually come back to them to keep growing.

Step 1 – Innovation

Pick one idea, then outline the action required for it to be created. Gather as much information here to validate your idea and make it a solid investment of your time.

Step 2 – Creation

I know we all love this step the most and can get bogged down and waste time here. KISS method! Plan out strategically your idea and how you will bring it to the market. It’s key here to have an accountability partner when setting yourself targets, timelines and deadlines (so you don’t go and get distracted with SOS – Shiny Object Syndrome)

Step 3 – Implementation

Yep, this is where you actually take action. This step is why most ideas never get off the ground and you continually feel stuck and not growing in your business.

Step 4 – Reflection

The most forgotten step of all. Here is where you revise and refine processes, systems and results.

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