Digital Detox

Aug 13, 2020

Elizabeth Houghton

Sutton Full Potential Founder


How much time do you spend on your phone scrolling through social media? Have you ever checked your screen usage time; you may be shocked! For me I find scrolling through social media a massive time zap, you quickly pick up your phone thinking to yourself, I will have a quick look at the updates before you know it 20-30 minutes have gone.

In my home, we have one Sunday a month that is a little digital detox, called no phone Sunday. Having time away, no matter how small, can help you gain perspective.

Here’s how I recommend making the most of a digital detox. You will start to see positive benefits quickly as you begin to reduce your screen time.


Before you turn your phone off for your detox or hide it in a draw, de-clutter. Jump into your mailbox, respond to anything that can’t wait, put an auto-response on if need be.

Clean up your desktop folders, like when you leave your house for a holiday and don’t want to come back to a mess.


When it comes to unplugging, either turn your phone off or leave it in a drawer somewhere in your home. Start the day, by doing something that you find relaxing; I spend 10-20 minutes colouring in my mindful colouring book – it helps to de-clutter my mind. Even if you don’t have a specific project you want to work on during your ‘detox’, it’s good to brainstorm a few activities ahead of your detox, like spending time with family and friends, going on a day trip or life admin. You’ll see right away how much of that time you usually spend scrolling.


Before heading back to the world of social media, reflect on your time away, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What did you miss while you unplugged?

  • Were there things you were dying to check in on, and why?

  • Was it just anxiety about being away, or did you genuinely want to follow up on news or updates?

  • And now that it’s over, what do you dread going back to (if anything)?


You don’t always have to use a full social media detox; sometimes, you may need a little break may that be a few hours or a few days. While you were unplugged if you learned that there are things you love and hate about being always connected, you might be able to re-prioritise and change things up a bit. Energy flows where your focus goes. Are you focusing on what will help you progress towards your BIGDreams?

Sometimes all you need is a little perspective! 

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