DON’T Have Video Interviews in Your Car On Your Phone

Aug 16, 2021

Elizabeth Houghton

Sutton Full Potential Founder

It can be challenging to attend interviews while you’re already employed. However, keep in mind that everything you do in an interview creates an impression about you. So if you’re tempted to attend a video interview in your car using your phone, stop right there!

Remember that the only two things the interviewer can see are you and whatever is in your background. So, the way you would avoid attending the interview in your bedroom with your personal effects showing in the background, try to avoid attending it in your car, too. If you’re not able to attend the interview in your office or find another private space nearby, it’s also okay to attend the interview in an open space.

What you need for a video interview

Attending a video interview requires some basic infrastructure to ensure a smooth experience:

  • A quiet space: if there is too much noise in your background, both you and the interviewer will get distracted frequently, so you will require a quiet space.
  • A neutral background: it is recommended to have a neutral background, such as a plain and light-coloured wall, or perhaps a window with the blinds drawn.
  • Proper lighting: it is important to have proper lighting so that the interviewer can see you clearly. Ample natural light is usually the best option, but using white lights is okay so long as they are not too bright or dim.
  • Proper attire: most companies require you to wear formal or business-casual attire even if it’s a video interview, and it leaves a good impression overall.

Where you can attend an interview

Some places you can choose to attend a video interview can be:

  • An empty office: you might be able to find an empty meeting room at your current workplace, or you could also rent an office space for the duration of your interview. Alternatively, if a friend has a private office or business space, you could use it if your friend is okay with it.
  • A library: you might be able to find a secluded spot in the library where you can attend the interview without disturbing others, and most libraries have Wi-Fi, too.
  • Your home: you can choose to attend an online interview from your home, especially if you have a separate office space. However, ensure that the room is quiet and there are no children, pets, or other family members in the background.
  • An empty café: you might be able to find a relatively empty café with decent internet. You can pick a corner table or another quiet spot there for your interview.
  • A quiet park: if none of the above options seem feasible, even a quiet and empty park will do. It’s better to attend a video interview indoors, but a park is acceptable if you have a stable internet connection. Just ensure there are no people or pets popping up in your background.

Finally, it’s also very important that you do not attend a video interview on your phone.

When you hold the phone in your hand, it is going to shake no matter how much you try to keep it steady. Even if you prop it up against something, it is likely to slip or topple. So, it’s always better to use a laptop and place it on a stable surface instead of placing it on your lap.

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