Eliminating Your Viability Fears

Jul 29, 2020

Elizabeth Houghton

Sutton Full Potential Founder

When I started my business, I knew I needed to show up online, in videos, telling my story, it did not matter how many people reinforced what I already knew, I was not doing it.

I was terrified!

Putting ourselves out there, sharing ourselves with the world is scary (people can be super mean!)

What if they notice my wonky teeth?

What if I trip over my words?

What if my advice is not the same as someone else’s?

What if my advice is too closely aligned to someone else and unoriginal?


Let’s identify your fears, overcome them, and eliminate them together. So they do not hold you back, so they do not stop you from living your best life. I want to share with you my story so you can learn from my mistakes and find your own path to eliminating your fears.

Fear exists to keep us safe, it is not inherently bad or good. We can use our fears to guide us to make better decisions for ourselves. It is not meant to keep us inactive (but sadly it does).


Fears immobilise us and prevent us from achieving what we desire and what we are capable of. If we do not learn to understand our fear and eliminate our fears, we will never turn our BIGDreams into reality.

Identify your fears

To eliminate your fears, you need to be honest with yourself about what you’re terrified of. This is the same process you follow to overcome your limiting beliefs (https://suttonfullpotential.thinkific.com/courses/overcome-your-limiting-beliefs)

  • Ask your self WHY you are fearful of x

  • If your fear became a reality, how would that make you feel?

  • Do not take your fear at face value, dig deep, understand your fear and where it came from and what it is that you are scared of and why.

Rewrite your fears

Now you know what you are terrified of, it is time to transform those beliefs, those voices in your head, into something positive, something that will support you in your progression.

Fear is learnt, we are not born with fears, we learn them through experiences, observations of others, then we unconsciously repeat to yourself over and over.

If you repeatedly tell yourself, you can not do something, that will be the case, your thoughts will become your reality.

BUT if you repeatedly tell yourself you can do something, that you will love doing that thing, then, sure enough, you will.

Re-set button

Create a list of, ‘I can, I am’ statements:

  • I can do Facebook lives

  • I can turn my dreams into reality

  • I am confident

  • I am capable

Once you have your list, create a sentence or two that embodies these new beliefs. Now use this sentence as your daily affirmation.

Repeating this positive affirmation will reprogram your subconscious mind, and this affirmation will become your new reality.

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