How to be Successful in Your Chosen Career or Careers

Jul 6, 2021

Elizabeth Houghton

Sutton Full Potential Founder

Being successful in your chosen career is important because this success has an impact on your life as well. Your financial freedom, self-identity, and lifestyle are all affected by your choice of career and the extent of your success at it.

What does it take to build a successful career? We look at certain habits that are fundamental to lasting career success.

Make Self-Assessment a Practice

Self-assessment is important to understand your strengths, weaknesses and skills. Your job involves several tasks, which, when examined closely, reveal the skills needed for their completion.

Evaluate your experiences, both success and failure, to understand the skills that contributed to them. Regular self-evaluation enables you to identify and develop skills that contribute to success. You can also identify the lack of skills that led to failures and work on developing them.

Make Yourself Accountable

Self-assessment attains more value when you make yourself accountable for your successes and failures. As you evaluate your skills, take the time to pat yourself for the good jobs done. Assess the reasons behind failures and take concrete steps to fix them.

Taking ownership motivates you to learn from your mistakes and to make an effort to prevent them in the future. With accountability, you can discover new opportunities from your successes and build on them for achieving more milestones.

Accountability motivates you to move forward with a positive attitude when faced with failures. Failures may make you want to hide or run away in fear. Self-accountability gives you the courage and perseverance to face failures and build success with constructive approaches.

Make Goal-Setting a Priority

Goal-setting is a by-product of self-accountability. You cannot move forward without clarity. Goals offer the much-needed clarity of purpose in your career advancement.

Break down long-term goals into attainable short-term objectives and work on them for immediate as well as lasting success.

Tap into the Power of Networking

Networking is a powerful channel for discovering opportunities that can propel your career to unimaginable heights of success. Invest time and efforts in building the right network.

Start by building your profile on professional and social networking websites. Identify people that are in your world of work. Thought leaders in your industry, former colleagues, alumni and people and brands that you idolize or aspire to work with are some examples.

Build your connections by sharing your knowledge, offering tips and advice, and seeking advice and guidance as well. Be willing to offer value.

Participate in conversations related to your industry. Do not be hesitant to put forth your thoughts during discussions. Request meetings with people you have always admired. You could plan virtual coffee/ lunch appointments.

Networking is also an opportunity to identify your mentor. A mentor already has the experience of successes and failures that you might face in the future. A mentor’s advice, guidance and insights, can be invaluable in planning your career.

With efficient networking, you will be able to achieve a unique career perspective, improve yourself faster, and be at the right time and right place to grasp opportunities.

Hire the Services of a Career Coach

A career coach can add immense value to your career advancement journey with his/ her expertise.

As domain specialists, career coaches are up-to-date with the latest in the career industry. They will be able to guide you on critical skills that help you stay relevant.

They can help you build a sharp resume that highlights your strengths. Career coaches can empower you with tools such as networks and expert career insights to help you stay ahead at interviews. They motivate you to focus on your career path without getting distracted.

In Conclusion

Building a successful career is a continuous process of growth. An approach that involves the above elements enables you to self-improve and increase your flexibility to change. An attitude of self-improvement and being open to change is crucial for lasting success, at work and in life.

Every step toward success begins with the realization that you are more than you think.

Sutton Full Potential can help you discover your full potential and achieve lasting career success.

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