How to Create a Balanced Life?

Dec 7, 2020

Elizabeth Houghton

Sutton Full Potential Founder

Do you lead a very busy life? Do you often feel that you have so much on your plate that it frustrates you? Would you rather have a balanced life instead?

What exactly do we mean when we say ‘a balanced life?’ In simple terms, being balanced means that you have a grip on the various aspects of your life. You do not feel that your heart or mind is being pulled in different directions. You feel calm, grounded, at peace, and motivated.

If you too crave for a balanced life, follow the tips below:

Assess your life

If you want to restructure your life, take a good hard look at it first. How do you feel? Do you feel exhausted or stagnant? Are you struggling to maintain your relationships? Are you prioritizing your work over your personal life? Are you a perfectionist fussing over trivial matters?

The first step to bringing balance in your life is to assess and acknowledge that you have issues. Once you have accepted that, you can move on to bring changes in your life.

Make a conscious effort to bring balance

Start by taking care of yourself first. Burnout is quite common in the busy lifestyle that we lead. Eat right, rest well, and make sure to exercise. Improving your health is the first step to a balanced life. Besides nourishing your physical self, also nourish your mind. Make sure to do at least one activity every day that you enjoy. It could be as easy as listening to music or reading a good book.

It is also extremely important to unwind after a hectic day. Make time to meditate, or take a nice bath to relax and calm yourself.

Learn to prioritize

Juggling too many things at the same time can only lead to exhaustion and frustration. You must learn to prioritize if you want balance in your life. Analyze yourself and understand what is truly important to you. Depending on the stage in your life, your focus area is bound to be different. Keep your mind on the things that truly matter to you. It is humanly not possible to accomplish everything.

To lead a balanced life, you must be aware of what you want in life. Take it one step at a time and stop trying to do everything all at once.

Plan ahead

Planning helps you get your life in order and be more organized. Get in the habit of using a planner to plan the events in your life, like an appointment, meeting, exams, or anything else. Be a smart planner. Don’t try to cram everything in a day.

Remember to allow some quality time for yourself. Your personal life is as important as your professional life. Take time to connect with your friends and loved ones. You will feel recharged and be more efficient at work.

Be prepared for the unexpected

Planning helps ease your life; however, life being life, it is bound to throw some surprises at you. No matter how much you plan, always remain prepared for the unexpected. You will not always be in control, and that is okay. Don’t get upset and stressed when things don’t go as planned.

Sometimes, you may face a personal or professional crisis in life, and that’s going to throw everything off balance. Accept it. Keep going, and you will soon be able to bring back everything into balance.


To create a balanced life, you must keep a positive outlook. Planning for the future is great, but worrying about it is not. Make the most of what life has to offer, and you will be happy.

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