How to Find Your Career Purpose

Jun 22, 2021

Elizabeth Houghton

Sutton Full Potential Founder

Every single person on this planet was born for a particular reason. Each and every day, people pursue careers and opportunities that enable them to lead good lives. Building a good life for yourself is simple, but building a fulfilling life for yourself can be far more rewarding.

What is a career path?

If you’ve ever felt yourself called to pursue a particular career path in life, then that’s your career purpose. Often, people pursue career paths that are easily available to them. Or, they base their decisions on the opinions of others. When you don’t live a life where your life goals take precedence, you run the risk of never accomplishing them.

Your career purpose can be vastly different from what your educational qualifications showcase. You could be a recent graduate from business school who also happens to be a great chef. Sometimes, the skills you inherently possess can indicate what your career path is.

If you feel the pull to chase after a particular career path, then don’t limit yourself. My own story can show you what happens when you pursue your own goals. I found my career purpose in helping others, but that came after many years of questioning what I was here to do.

It was only when I tapped into my heart space and strove to truly understand how I can have a fulfilling career did I understand, I was here to be a coach.

Finding Your Career Purpose:

Your career purpose should lead you in the direction towards maximum growth for yourself. When you find your career purpose, you find yourself in an environment where you can explore your skills and contribute positively to the world.

Here are four ways you can find your career purpose:

1. Listen to Your Inner Voice

Your inner voice, also sometimes called your intuition, can indicate where your career purpose may be. You may not know exactly why you sense a feeling deep inside about a career path you want to follow, but that voice could be your greatest friend.

Trust your inner voice to show you your strengths, as well as what you want from your career. Remember that when you’re looking for answers about yourself, the one person who can tell you the most about you, is you.

2. Your Purpose Can Change

As people grow older, their hobbies and interests change. They find new exciting hobbies that bring them great joy, as well as things to be passionate about. If you find that you’re no longer as passionate about a certain skill or hobby, then that’s okay.

Your career purpose can change as your grow older. The path that brings you the most amount of fulfilment in your life could be one that you haven’t even conceived of yet.

3. Experience The World As Much As You Can

When you seek out new experiences, you seek out opportunities for growth as well. Your journey, as you work towards fulfilling your career goals and reaching the destination at the end of your career path, can be the most important part of the whole experience.

If you think you don’t know how to find your career purpose, then seeking new experiences could be exactly what you need. This could be something as simple as taking a new class in an activity you always wanted to try. You could attend networking events to get to know people in professions that interest you. As long as you’re growing and not stagnating in your career journey, you’re aligning with your career purpose.

4. Don’t Follow Trodden Paths

Doing what someone else is doing or has done before won’t take you down the path to your career purpose, but theirs. You can always take inspiration from people. But that inspiration should be used to fuel and drive your career purpose. You are meant to follow your own career path, since your path is yours and yours alone.

In the same way that no one was born on this planet by accident, we all have important things to contribute to the planet. Your career purpose is you doing the best you can for the world, and living a fulfilling life at the same time.

The more you chase after your career purpose, the more you’ll find yourself growing both in your professional life, and as a person. Your career purpose is your key to living a happy, fulfilling and accomplished life.

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