Now is the perfect time for a career change

Jun 6, 2021

Elizabeth Houghton

Sutton Full Potential Founder

Since the beginning of the year, millions of people worldwide have lost their jobs. The competition for vacancies has become quite intense, so how can we claim that the current period would be a good opportunity for a career change?

The pandemic and the global recession accelerated a series of changes we had already begun to notice:

No job is considered safe anymore.

The labour market is quite dynamic, and positions and skills in high demand are constantly changing. This is not something new, but the pace of change has increased much more.

Even the best workers in a sector can not be protected from the rapid decline of economic activity. This may be the first time we see even companies or employees who did very well not be able to stand on their own two feet.

It is these three changes that will inspire you to think about the next move for your career. If you already love what you do, then focus on continually developing your skills so that they are always aligned with the needs of the market. But if you dream of making a significant change in your career, now is the time. The reasons are the following:

You have already experienced some abrupt changes.

You may have had to take unpaid leave, change your job responsibilities, still work from home, or even close your own business. One of the most important reasons people do not pursue a career change is that they hate change and the discomfort and ambiguity that come with it. But now that you have to change your routine for some reason, this could be a great time to take advantage of this situation and move in the direction you always wanted to go.

It will not be comfortable, and it will not be easy. It will be vague and complicated. But now, the whole economy is in a fluid and complex situation.

So why not take the initiative to create the future you want and do a job you love, instead of being carried away by developments and seeing your daily life change by random factors?

The world is changing rapidly.

Today, the world is changing every day, and although this will eventually stop, we will never go back to where we were. If you choose the “safe” route and stay on the path you are on, it is only a matter of time before you find yourself at a dead end. What has worked for your career in recent years will not work for the next few years, so you have to decide if you want to start building your new path now or wait for fate to throw you somewhere you will have no choice.

You have time.

While this is not true for everyone, it is a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of it if it works for you. If your work has decreased due to reduced economic activity and you have free time to learn new skills, find online courses for the gift you want to learn and start immediately. What are you waiting for!

The pandemic has thrown us all into an unexpected and challenging situation, but you may not have a similar opportunity again. Do not expect things to be expected because the “normal” will not look like what we knew. Instead, take the opportunity to think about what you have always wanted to do. Really, what do you have to lose now?

And if you do not want to try to change your career now, you have to ask yourself if you’re going to change your life and career or prefer to think about it and make it a form of mental escape.

The gaps in your resume can now be justified.

There will probably not be another year in your professional history like 2020, where you will not have to explain the gap in your resume or your dismissal from a company. Surely now you will meet many recruiters who will show understanding. So use this gift and risk a new career that you have always wanted to try.

Yes, your brain wants to keep you “safe” in the status quo, but what is the status quo now?

It does not exist.

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