Stuck at Work? How to Find Your True Passion

Apr 1, 2021

Elizabeth Houghton

Sutton Full Potential Founder

The constant refrain in Noelle Hancock’s head was, “I need to take a vacation.” She found that she wasn’t able to live in the moment but was looking forward to an indeterminate future where she had saved enough money to take the trip of her dreams. While she worked as a journalist in Manhattan and made $95,000 a year, she ironically felt lonely (in the island populated by over four million), uninspired, stressed, and disconnected. On an impulse, she moved to the Caribbean, the holiday destination of her dreams, with no plan in her mind. She scooped out ice-creams for a living, making just $10 an hour and felt happier, calmer, and more fulfilled than she ever did.

Reset your career

If you too are feeling stuck at work or feel that your current job is not aligned with your passions and ambitions, it is time to take a career reality check. After all, most people spend about one-third of their life at work, which underscores the importance of doing what you love.

However, that may be easier said than done. The latest study conducted at the University of Chicago shows that more Americans are unhappy now than they have ever been in fifty years. Just 14% of adults, in this study, said they are very happy. This holds true not only for the general population but for the U.S. workforce as well. A Conference Board study shows half of the U.S. workforce is unhappy.

Explore different options

The first step toward resetting your career – and your life – is to discover the career path that excites you. And this too is easier said than done. A Stanford research indicates that around 80% of people do not have one single passion that they are clear about pursuing. Many are confused about what they really want to do. If that sounds a lot like you, know that it can take time to find out where your passion lies. You can start by looking at your life goals and exploring any childhood dreams you may have had.

Take a zig-zag approach

You can also look at taking a ‘zig-zag’ approach to zero in on what you truly love. Sam Kemmis, founder and writer of a humorous travel hacking site, is a case in point. While he started as a writer, he obtained a master’s degree in evolutionary biology. He later worked at an Amazon company as a community manager before working as a writer at MyTravelNerd.

Talk to a non-traditional career coach

Consulting a nontraditional career coach or career change coach is the best way to know how to investigate different, unusual options before figuring out what excites you. Career clarity coaching experts also can do a career audit to test out various career paths. While many wait for a eureka moment, the answers may come only when you explore and test career options while polishing your skill sets.

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