The Culture of Things – Value Driven Leadership

Sep 12, 2020

Elizabeth Houghton

Sutton Full Potential Founder

In a perfect world every CEO would give HR the time of day to ensure there is an alignment between what they want to achieve and the vision of their business. This key person would be assigned to examine day-to-day actions, clearly articulate values held within the organisation and connect unique behaviours to this value. This gives people context around how they should perform and make decisions.  

What an honour to be invited to be a guest on The Culture of Things (TCoT) Podcast, a platform used to discuss all things culture, leadership and teamwork across business and sport. My conversation with Brendan Rogers, host of The Culture of Things Podcast, focuses on where I get my greatest satisfaction from, which is inspiring people to think differently and to capitalise on the evolving world of work.

Brendan recognises the HR team as real people who are not void of feelings and highlights exactly how I use my varied skill set to support leaders as they navigate how to build organisational culture.

Organisational culture begins with the founder of the business – they set the tone with their values and beliefs. No two businesses are the same and the culture is not static. Values evolve over time as every new person who joins the business brings with them their value set and experience. 

Click here to hear the full episode where I share key questions which need to be asked on the journey to building a strong organisational culture. Let’s start with:-

“Can you articulate what your top three values are?”

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