What Are Affirmations and Why Should You Use Them?

Jul 23, 2020

Elizabeth Houghton

Sutton Full Potential Founder

I never used to take much notice of affirmation, I used to think they where a bit woo-woo, how can the power of thought really change your reality? I was an ACTION over MINDSET person. As my journey has progressed I have change the way I look at the world and the way I believe things to work, your thoughts become your reality. Thoughts are powerful, more powerful than action, because if your thoughts don’t align with your actions then you will not succeed.

Thoughts become our reality, that reminds me of a line out of the movie The Wedding Date Victor says to Kat ” I remember reading a fascinating article in the New York times once, where this guy said every women has the exact love life she wants, you know what, I agree with him, but I refuse to believe this is what YOU want Kat”.

Thoughts becoming our reality is the reason why high performing people visualise their goals on a regular basis. The science backs it up, our nervous system can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined. So visualise your goals! No time to waste, get that vision board completed. You are basically tricking your brain into believing that what you want to achieve has already happened.

When we repeat a statement to ourselves that we want to be true, overtime, we start to believe it because our subconscious can’t distinguish between the truth and a lie. That statement then becomes our reality.

What is an Affirmation

The term affirmation is defined in the Cambridge English Dictionary as: a statement or sign that something is true.

A affirmations are a positive statement about, who you want to be or what you want to have said in the present tense. For example, if you wanted to be more confident your affirmation would be ‘I am confident’ or ‘I have the confidence of Michelle Obama’. It is a positive empowering statement that you say out loud to yourself ideally everyday.

Repetition and consistency over time, your brain is going to start re-wire and what you are telling yourself, your brain is going to start adopting that as your new truth.

Why use Affirmations

When we repeat positive affirmations to ourselves, we train our brains to believe that thing. If you tell yourself over and over again, “I am confident”, you’ll soon start to feel more confident.

My Affirmation is not working

Affirmations do not work overnight, I do not know any one who has said an affirmation one day then the next day it is their truth. You must been consistent, with your affirmation, and not give up after a few days if it doesn’t work.

Check in with yourself to make you have the right affirmation for you, how does the affirmation feel when you say it out loud? If you are not truly aligned with your affirmation, it will come with a little bit of resistance when you say it, it will not feel natural, you will not believe that it can become true. Affirmations are about the power of thought, if you don’t believe, truly believe in your affirmation it will not work for you. Find an affirmation that you feel good about saying, that feels natural to you, that gives you a motivation boost.

You don’t have to start with the end goal affirmation, you can have a progressive affirmation, that you change overtime as you get closer and closer towards your goals. Using the example of confidence, if the statement ‘I have the confidence of Michelle Obama’ feels unattainable to you right now, or feels like a pipe-dream try ‘I am getting more and more confident every day’ with this statement you are in that energy of progression.

When you say your affirmation statement, it should feel good, you should feel excited, hopefully, optimistic. If you affirmation statement is not right, you are going to block it from becoming your reality. Pay attention to how you feel when you say it, play around with it until you find the right statement for you.


WHAT ARE AFFIRMATIONS? A affirmations are a positive statement about, who you want to be or what you want to have said in the present tense.

WHY USE AFFIRMATIONS? Using affirmations transforms the way you think, helping you increase your confidence and achieve goals you set for yourself.

Affirmations are not a quick fix but if you consistently use them over time, you’ll start to see the positive effect affirmations have.

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