You Choose

Aug 3, 2020

Elizabeth Houghton

Sutton Full Potential Founder

Do you wake up and make a conscious decision about your mindset?

Maybe we do not have control over every single situation in our lives. Perhaps we do not get a say in every decision that is made that will impact us. Maybe we do not get to do everything we want to do in our lives in the way we want to do it and when we want to do it. What we do, and always will have, is control over our mindset and our attitude. You get to choose every second of every day, your attitude. You decide how you are going to respond to a situation and how you are going to react to people. You can choose to allow something or someone to negatively impact you and affect your mindset and your attitude. The same way you allow someone or something to negatively impact you and turn your day upside down, you can choose to be positive. You can choose your attitude every single step of the way. Someone else cannot decide for you.

Do you ever catch yourself saying, “That person just grinds my gears” or ”that person makes me so angry”? You allow that person to make you feel that way. You give that person the power to impact your attitude.

Imagine for a second that you are sat on a train, and the guard announces that due to a problem ahead, this service is now going to be running approximately 20 minutes late. At that moment, you have a choice. You can get angry, you can get frustrated, or you can simply choose to settle back down in your seat, continue enjoying that book you were reading, listening to that podcast, catching up on that television show, whatever it may be. You cannot do anything about that situation, but you can choose how you are going to respond. How do you want to respond to those situations? Ask yourself, “Was it a bad day or a bad 5 minutes you milked all day?”.

You choose your mindset; you choose your attitude. Choose wisely!

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